White Mulberry Extract Review

White Mulberry Review

The powdered leaves of white mulberry are being used for medicine. The fruit can be cooked or consumed raw. White mulberry treats diabetes and high cholesterol levels, high blood pressure, common cold and its symptoms, muscle and joint pain. Arthritis, dizziness, tinnitus, premature aging, hair loss and constipation are other diseases white mulberry is capable of treating.

Being from China, white mulberry feeds the silkworms. It was brought to the States when colonies were trying to develop the silk industry. The wood of white mulberry has been used for tennis rackets, furniture, hockey sticks and even boats.

How does white mulberry work?

The most appreciated chemicals in white mulberry work exactly like the medicines for type 2 diabetes. Slowing down the breakdown of sugars in the intestines, the chemicals are more rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream. This will keep the blood sugar levels at a normal range.

White mulberry and diabetes

Those with type 2 diabetes have elevated blood sugar levels. If the patient uses 1 gram of the powdered leaf three times a day for about 4 weeks, the blood sugar levels gets to decrease by 27%, compared with glyburide, which decreases it by 8% when taking 5 mg a day.

Side effects of white mulberry

This plant is considered safe for most people. When is taken orally, the powdered leaf can be used for as much as 5 weeks. There haven’t been reported any side effects, yet not too many studies have been conducted yet.
When it comes pregnant and breastfeeding mothers, it is advisable to stay on the safe side and not use the product. If your blood sugar levels are being low and you suffer from hypoglycemia, use white mulberry with trust.

Since it lowers the cholesterol levels, white mulberry also fights the atherosclerotic plaque. When the bad cholesterol levels are up, the atherosclerotic plaque begins to build up. Scientists use white mulberry extract in different medicines that fight diabetes and cardiovascular issues. Against Parkinson’s disease, the antioxidants in white mulberry provide a neuro-protective effect against cerebral ischemia as well as neurotoxins.

Against obesity, white mulberry makes it easier for the lipids to be metabolized. This means the plant fights body weight gain and destroys the adipose tissue. More than this, the leaves and roots of mulberry are able to suppress the development of infections caused by intestinal parasites.

Kidney stones can also be addressed with white mulberry. There are 4 types of kidney stones and most common ones are the calcium oxalates. If the person who has these kinds of kidney stones consumes mulberry juice every day, the stones no longer get formed. People who suffer from gout develop uric acid stones. Also, those who are dehydrated and eat high protein diets develop the same kind of stones. White mulberry is known to strengthen the kidneys. Chinese medicine considers white mulberry a blood tonic. This plant cleanses the entire bloodstream and strengthens the immune system. For their sedative effects, white mulberry fruits are also being used as great pain relievers.